OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Some students are returning to their classrooms Tuesday for in-person instruction in the city of Oakland.

“The most important thing to know off-hand is we have a new daily health screening that we’re asking all of our families to take every single day that they send their kids to school. It’s a three questionnaire asking if you’ve had any COVID symptoms if you’ve tested positive. Things like that,” said OUSD spokesperson John Sasaki.

He says if the answers are all no, you will receive a green check that you must present when you bring your child to school.

“There is a gate where we will walk up, and I will say goodbye to my son, and he will go in,” OUSD parent Patricia Johnson said.

Parents won’t be able to walk their children into class anymore.

“It will be different because last year we were able to walk him to his classroom on the first day. We cried and hugged and said goodbye. So now I won’t be able to go all the way with him. That will be different but, also maybe okay? To put the separation outside and not drag it inside,” Johnson added.

Teachers are asking folks to remember this is going to be a new experience for everyone.

“Everyone needs to come back into the school building and give Grace because this is re-entry into our familiar world in a different way. So it will require people being mindful and patient,” 4th-grade teacher Chaz Garcia said.

Students and teachers should also expect to see health and safety measures in place throughout the school.

“There is going to be spacing. Going to the bathroom. Going to the yard. Wherever kids will be going, everyone will be wearing masks. More cleaning happening. All the things you see in school will be different, but education is still going to continue,” Sasaki said.

In-person learning returns for pre-Kindergarten students through 2nd grade. Priority 3rd grade students through 12th grade, and students in OUSD’s young adult program.