SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Strong winds caused a ground delay for incoming flights at San Francisco International Airport Tuesday morning, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. This is causing some incoming flights to be delayed for about 80 minutes.

The ground delay program will meter the flights coming into SFO, similar to metering lights when going on to a bridge, Doug Yakel, a spokesperson for SFO, told KRON4. The program will cause not only flight delays but the potential for flight cancellations, Yakel said. Rain and wind conditions Tuesday morning have reduced the capacity to land aircrafts from the rate seen on a clear day.

Yakel added that it’s not only the speed of the wind gusts but also the direction those winds are coming from that are contributing to the delays and cancellations.

“Normally the winds here blow out of the northwest,” Yakel said. “Today they’re coming out of the southeast. So, in terms of the way we’re taking off and landing, we’re doing a 180 today.”

Flight Aware reported 112 flight delays and 10 cancellations so far. Yakel said this number will likely increase throughout the day.

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This story is developing and will be updated.