(KRON) – While there was some rain on Tuesday, it was minor compared to the widespread rain and wind we will see Wednesday. Organizations like Pacific Gas & Electric and the National Weather Service are already preparing.

Both organizations tell KRON4 that one of the most important ways they are preparing is by getting the word out as much as possible. That way, people can take life-saving precautions. This storm could cause flooding, roads washed out, and widespread power outages.

“There really is a concern with a system this strong, with the strong winds, the rain and everything. Unfortunately, we do tend to get loss of life in these types of situations, which we really hate to see,” said NWS meteorologist Sean Miller.

Miller says it’s important to take every precaution because it could save your life.

“Make sure you have a go bag in case you have to leave quickly in the event of an evacuation. Make sure you have a good supply of things in your home — food, that kind of stuff, medications if necessary. Make sure you have what you need for your pets as well just in case there was an extended power outage or flooding washes out a road,” Miller said.

Meanwhile, PG&E is working around the clock. Spokesperson Mayra Tostado says they are still working on repairs from the previous storm while bracing for the next one.

She says because of how saturated the ground is, and the expected high winds, PG&E is anticipating falling vegetation that will likely cause outages.

“If trees come in contact with power lines, break power equipment, that’s a risk as well. If customers ever encounter downed power lines they shouldn’t touch them. Stay away and call 9-1-1 and then PG&E,” she said. 

Tostado says this is an all-hands-on-deck situation.

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“Customers are going to see a blue army of PG&E trucks traveling through their neighborhoods. We have about 1,300 personnel working to support restoration efforts. We’re also bringing in contract tree crews that are helping us address some of those hazards with vegetation and we even brought in mutual aid support from Southern California,” she said. 

PG&E adds that even after the rain has ended there could be new outages. That’s because the ground will be wet and trees could still fall for days, knocking out power lines.