There are new questions on Tuesday night about a sheriff’s deputy arrested for having sex with inmates at the Contra Costa County Jail.

Initial suggestions that the sex was consensual are being disputed tonight.

It was last week when Contra Costa Sheriff’s Deputies arrested one of their own, deputy Patrick Morseman, for allegedly having sex with two female inmates at the West County Detention Facility. 

At the time, the sheriff’s office said while unlawful, “the sexual activity (was) with a consenting adult.” 

But that is not so, says one of the inmate’s attorneys

“Absolutely not,” Attorney Neama Rahmani said. “This was rape by force and threat of additional jail time.”

In fact, Rahmani says despite their claims of consensual sex, the sheriff’s department knows it wasn’t.

“My understanding of internal sheriff’s department documents contain evidence that supports multiple charges of rape under color of authority and oral copulation with threats by public officials,” Rahmani said.

The sheriff’s office had also indicated money was placed into inmates jail accounts. 

Rahmani says it was a payoff.

“it was hush money.  After sexually assaulting the victims the deputy said what do I need to do to get you to shut up and he put $300 in one of the victim’s inmate accounts.”

The sheriff’s office has concluded its investigation and is no longer commenting on the case

Late in the afternoon, the sheriff’s office turned the case over to the district attorney’s office.

It’s unknown how long they will take to decide whether to file charges, and if so, what type of charges.