OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Family members are remembering their loved one who was killed during a police chase in Oakland.

44-year-old Augustin Coyotl died Monday morning after police say a hit-and-run suspect — who was leading officers on a chase — crashed into his truck.

A family member of the victim spoke to KRON4, she says, “I hope that this never happens to anyone else because it’s a feeling where you’re just like you don’t even know what to do. And right now we’re just all gathered with each other and just trying to console each other.”

Arely Guarneros is still trying to cope with the death of her uncle Agustin Coyotl. The 44-year-old construction worker was killed Monday, when a suspect Oakland police were chasing crashed into Coyotl’s truck.

Guarneros tells KRON4, “right now, we’re just very devastated. We feel like he has been taken away from us and we just feel like we want him back. Though we won’t be able to.”

Guarneros didn’t have anything to say about the suspect or the police chase that led to her uncle’s death. She just wants people to know what a giving person her uncle was.

Guarneros told KRON4, “he was a nice person. He helped people who didn’t even know like he helped our family, he helped friends and helped anyone. He was a nice and caring person. He always made us laugh. He always made us reunite with all our family.”

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Guarneros says her uncle was the provider for their extended family. They’ve now set up a GoFundMe page to help cover expenses in his absence.