SAN JOSE (KRON) – San Jose fire crews are still on scene at a Home Depot making sure no hot spots arise. Police have it all blocked off and have the media pretty far back from the scene. 

Investigators are still figuring out the cause of the massive fire that started at 920 Blossom Hill Road on Saturday afternoon.

It was reported as a large fire starting near the store’s lumber supply. Customers and staff began evacuating immediately.

The fire grew quickly from a one-alarm fire to a five-alarm fire, with over 100 firefighters working to put out the flames.

No one was injured. It took about six hours to put the fire out.

Fire crews were successful in preventing the fire from spreading to the homes behind it and other businesses in the strip mall including a vet hospital and hardware store.

A shelter in place was issued yesterday due to the heavy and hazardous smoke in the area from the fire, but that’s since been lifted.

The smoke is still intense though, so you may want to wear a mask if you’re in the area.

The fire is still being investigated. The fire department said right now it’s not believed the cause of the fire is suspicious.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office had been assisting to find out of two nearby fires that occurred were related to this one at Home Depot.

The fire department says it’s possible embers landed on nearby roads and created little hot spots. But this fire is not connected to any other separate fires.

There is nothing to believe it’s suspicious right now, but investigators are still trying to figure out how it sparked.