SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The NCAA Tournament has brought an influx of out of towners to San Francisco, many for the first time. But in recent years, while the Golden State Warriors have gotten good press, the city has not.

With complaints and media reports about how dirty and crime-ridden the city has supposedly become, many of the out-of-town fans KRON4’s Dan Kerman spoke to were pleasantly surprised to experience a much different San Francisco than they’d read about.

“It’s actually quite nice and clean and the people are pretty friendly,” said one fan from Wenatchee, Washington.

“Actually was expecting it to be a lot dirtier and scarier, but it’s been clean and nice and [we have] met some nice people,” added another from Nampa, Idaho.

“There’s a lot of great things in this city that overcome some of the challenges that they are having today,” said another fan who flew in from Palm Springs.

So it seems that the bad press San Francisco has been getting of late doesn’t line up with the experience people who visit are having. It also hasn’t deterred them from coming, with this weekend expected to be the city’s busiest in about two years.