SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — “It’s horrifying for people to step outside and see poop smeared all over the sidewalk, we know it’s getting worse.”

The City of San Francisco now has three public toilets available after 8 p.m. — located in Castro, Soma and the Tenderloin, but Supervisor Matt Haney said the city needs even more.

“We’ve seen a reduction in the number of reports of feces in the areas immediately around the pit stop bathrooms including the ones that are 24 hours,” Haney said. “We obviously need more. We need to expand the number of these bathrooms and the hours.”

The city also has a poop patrol, staff members who clean up human waste mostly in the Tenderloin, the district with the highest number of 311 calls for sidewalk cleanliness complaints.

Throughout the city, 311 has received more than 25,000 poop complaints this year alone.

“It’s a serious public health concern.”

Just within a couple of hours, there were dozens of reports of human feces on sidewalks and on streets throughout San Francisco, including in Nob Hill.

Neighbors said this isn’t unusual and they are used to seeing it.

The Poop Scoop Twitter account shared more than 60 complaints of feces throughout the city on Thursday alone. The city’s 311 site had more than 30 reports.

Haney said more has to be done to keep the city clean.

“We cannot have these conditions on our streets. It’s unfair to residents, to businesses, to visitors,” Haney said. “It’s embarrassing and it’s just awful that people would have no other choice than to go on the ground.”