PITTSBURG (KRON) — It ain’t their fault they’re out here making news.

They are the talented 2nd graders at Los Medanos Elementary School — and it turns out they 100% nailed their performance of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts,” which they reworked into an inspirational take on how to be great.

“At first I thought you had to teach through the book. I started tapping into music and connecting it to curriculum — it has opened so many doors and everyday is a new adventure for us,” said the students’ teacher Dorothy Mallari. 

Mallari is driving force behind the kids success at school. 

She’s full of passion and enthusiasm and it shows.

Every year she takes a hit song, switches up the lyrics to teach her students to believe in themselves. 

The spin this year is on Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts,” which is a little racy, but the kids learned new version, inspiring them to be a better friend, to take turns and help each other.

Instead of boy problems, they have math problems they can solve.

“It makes us believe not in what we can’t do, but in what we can do,” said one student

 Parents love that every student gets to shine.

“I think it is amazing to turn this into something the kids can learn from such a positive message. It’s just amazing,” one parent said. 

Their video has become a viral sensation, showing a creative way to engage and encourage children at school.