OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Oakland city council members say they are devastated after another homicide was reported Friday night. It brings the city to a total of 102 homicides so far this year.

“It’s a great city, with great challenges.” That’s what one city council member expressed on Saturday.

They took a moment to mourn the 102 lives lost before visiting neighborhoods impacted by violence.

Oakland leaders spent Saturday with their community — just hours after police began investigating another homicide. The 102nd homicide of the year happened in East Oakland near 45th and Bancroft avenues.

Two people were shot: one in stable condition and the other is dead. City council members and other community leaders held a vigil at city hall for all those impacted.

“I am a woman, a mom. I have been a victim of violence myself. I know it’s scary, and I want our residents to know the city council is committed to you,” said council president Nikki Fortunato Bas.

Bas also visited Bella Vista Park Saturday. That’s where she spoke with people who are concerned about their own safety.

“People are fed up, but it was also good to talk to people about how much they are committed to the city,” Bas said. “Guns are the root of this violence that we are seeing, so we have to work at every level to get guns off the streets.”

Meanwhile, councilmember Dan Kalb spent time in Bushrod Park. He listened to similar stories of fear and frustration.

“People have, consternation, fear anxiety, and it’s not just in one or two neighborhoods, but most, if not all, of the neighborhoods in our city.”

Kalb says in addition to getting guns off the street, people spoke to him about addressing the root of crime.

“What came up today was the importance of investing in prevention programs early on, well before our young boys are falling into the world of crime.”

Kalb admits the city could use outside help, but he feels Oakland leaders need to be instrumental in creating change.

“Do we need assistance from Alameda County? Absolutely we do. Do we need the state and federal government to do more? Absolutely we do. But Oakland can not just point fingers at other governments. We need to be a part of the solution,” said Kalb.

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The councilmembers told KRON4 Oakland police is dedicating more resources to investigating violent crimes. Detectives are still looking for the suspect or suspects involved in Friday’s homicide.