SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — A judge has lifted a restraining order to allow the City of San Jose to move forward in clearing a homeless encampment at Columbus Park.

The City of San Jose wants to clear the Columbus Park area in order for the space to be used as a buffer zone for incoming planes.

RVs and campers line the street at Columbus Park, but they will soon have to leave. “Everybody is nervous,” said Cheryl Imus, a Columbus Park resident.

Imus and six others filed a complaint to stop the city from clearing the encampment. Federal judge Jaqueline Scott Corley issued a restraining order back on Nov. 16 and blocked the city from clearing the encampment.

On Tuesday, the judge told the encampment residents they cannot put a trailer up. “I was upset, can’t say I wasn’t worried, and I’m worried now,” said Imus.

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Homeless advocate Scott Larget lived at the encampment. He said he disagrees with the judge’s reasons for lifting the restraining order.

One of his reasons involves a claim that the City of San Jose is working on finding alternative solutions for the Columbus Park residents. “The city is working on it? That should show the judge right away. The city is working on it, they’ve had plenty of time and plenty of money, to put something together and they still haven’t been able to do,” said Larget.