(KRON) — A K9 officer with the Hayward Police Department assisted officers in the investigation and arrest of a man on firearms charges, according to a Hayward PD social media post.

“One of the many benefits [of] Police Service Dogs is their ability to sniff and locate items such as firearms,” the post read. “K9 Arwin recently assisted with an arrest/search warrant, and did just that!”

According to the post, the warrants were related to an investigation into the brandishing of a firearm. The man believed responsible was arrested on a warrant.

“Immediately following, a search of the residence with our Special Duty Unit pursuant took place and K9 Arwin found a handgun and ammunition, both of which were booked as evidence,” the post stated.

One photo accompanying the post showed an alert looking K9 Arwin sitting attentively among what appear to be weapons, lockboxes, ammunition and body armor. The other showed a handgun and several rounds of ammunition.

“We are grateful for our furry partners who work alongside SDU and our patrol teams to help create a safer Hayward,” the post concluded.