RICHMOND, Calif. (KRON) — A K-9 officer was involved in an incident that saw several suspects arrested and a backpack that contained a firearm with an extended magazine seized. The incident occurred on Feb. 12 when officers responded to a report of a found backpack that contained a firearm, according to a social post from the Richmond Police Department.

A loaded firearm with an extended magazine was found inside the backpack when restaurant workers attempted to identify who it belonged to. As the officers arrived on the scene, the group the backpack belonged to arrived to reclaim it, police said.

The suspects fled from the officers on foot but were caught after a short chase. The backpack was ditched during the chase and a K-9 officer, K-9 Cash, and his partner were sent to look for it.

“K9 Cash tracked the scent and had no problem locating it,” police said. “We are extremely relieved that no one was injured and the gun was located and removed from the streets.”