‘Karla the Fog’ rolls into San Francisco after ‘Karl’ vanishes

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Karl The Fog, a personification of San Francisco’s iconic marine layer, has been silent on Twitter since the beginning of 2020. Some of Karl’s 355,000 followers felt ghosted for the past 10 months, and his mysterious disappearance created a void in San Francisco’s weather-watching community.

A new face of fog, however, has appeared out of the gloom: Karla The Fog.

Karla The Fog said she is stepping up to the plate as Karl’s “unofficial replacement” while he is away.

Karl The Fog was around for a really long time. He disappeared and then there were the rumors that he left. Seeing a void and being a proactive, feminist Fog myself, I thought, ‘Well, why not?'” Karla told KRON4 through chat messages Wednesday.

Social media’s atmosphere can be harsh, even for a cloud. How have Twitter users responded to a more feminine figure of fog?

“The response to me rolling in as Karla The Fog has been largely positive. People are ready for a strong female Fog. There are always some detractors and trolls on Twitter, but … I’m a big fog, so I can take it,” Karla said.

KRON4 meteorologist John Shrable said, on average, San Francisco has more than 100 foggy days a year.

“But a lot of that does depend on the neighborhood, and what you define as a foggy day. Often time, on the western side of the city, the fog never quite lifts. While bayside neighborhoods are getting plenty of sun,” Shrable said.

“San Francisco is so foggy because of our unique position on the coast at the entrance to the bay itself. Many coastal California cities get plenty of fog but warm air in the Central Valley during summer months results in a pressure difference that tends to drag that coastal fog inland on the path of least resistance. Due to our position on the Golden Gate, that path of least resistance often tends to be right overhead,” Shrable said.

San Franciscan’s opinions on whether fog is “good” or “bad” weather widely vary. Shrable said he used to dislike foggy weather, but he’s warmed up to it over time.

Whether you’re a sun worshipper, or prefer to stay cool under cloud coverage, Karla hopes she will be accepted by all.

“I’m a Fog for all people, even those who disagree with the Fog having a name or personality. We’re all just trying to have a spot of fun and positivity in what has been a really, really difficult year. I’ll blanket everyone in a cooling, calming cloud equally,” Karla said.

(Photo by Fitzsimons Photography)

“Most people find me comforting and familiar, a welcome respite to the hot weather and bad air conditions we’ve been having as of late,” Karla said.

Like Karla, the person behind Karl’s Twitter account prefers to remain anonymous. So we may never know what happened to him. A message from KRON4 to Karl on Wednesday went unanswered.

“I have no firsthand knowledge of his motivations or whereabouts. (The name) Karla seemed like a good way to carry forward the tradition that Karl left behind. I suppose it’s an homage of sorts,” she said.

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