SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (KRON) — State and federal political leaders representing the Lake Tahoe area came together for the annual summit here with the common goal of protecting the lake, but leaders here don’t all agree on the threats it faces. 

“There’s no greater cause than keeping this lake clear because it’s really a proxy of all of our larger efforts,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said. 

Newsom gave the keynote speech at this year’s Lake Tahoe Summit.

The democrat shared the stage and the lake with members of Congress and Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak.

“It is a common goal, it is bipartisan, it is bi-state, it is one cause and we cannot take it for granted,” Sisolak said.

Lone republican at the event, Rep. Tom McClintock avoided talking about climate change, but says neglected forests is a major issue. 

“An unattended forest is no different than unattended garden. It will grow and grow until it chokes itself to death and then fall victim to disease, drought, and ultimately catastrophic fire,” McClintock said.

The leaders all agree fire is a threat for the lake area.

But democrats worry about climate change and how the Trump Administration’s policy could affect the lake’s clear skies and blue water . 

California has sued the administration several times over environmental policies ranging from endangered species to clean air standards.

“It’s a full fledged assault on our environmental rules and regulation standards and our ability to set the tone and tenor for other states,” Newsom said.

Nevada’s democratic governor says he couldn’t immediately say whether he agrees with environmental lawsuits california has filed against the Trump Administration, and that he’d have to take a look.