SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A frightening ordeal caught on camera in San Francisco — A man with a large knife was seen chasing another man down the street near Jefferson Square Park. 

The victim tells KRON4 that this happened while he was walking his dog with his wife Tuesday afternoon.

A knife chase happened in broad daylight. The victim who is a software engineer says the attack was unprovoked and he had to run for life. 

He’s hoping others will not have to deal with a similar experience.

In a brief but stunning video, an unknown man with a large knife is caught stalking another man who is seen running away.

“It was really scary, it was like when time slows down and you’re like “is this really happening?” doesn’t seem real,” Skylar Givens said.

Skylar Givens says his attacker is homeless and had recently taken over an area across from his family’s apartment. 

While Givens and his wife were walking their dog Tuesday afternoon, the unknown man laying on the sidewalk became aggressive and pulled out the weapon from his bag.

“He pulled out this big knife. It was like 10 or 12 inches and thankfully I had a taser with me and I ended up firing the taser at him so I could get away and run away quickly,” Givens said.

The high voltage shocks heard on the video weren’t enough to keep the man from approaching. Givens was forced to run behind a security gate at his home.

“If I didn’t react in that way, I very well could have been stabbed,” Givens said.

Givens says the attacker was arrested shortly after police arrived.

After living and working in San Francisco for nearly a decade, Givens has noticed a recent increase in homeless encampments and drug use in his neighborhood.

He’s worried people who enjoy the park may encounter a similar nightmare and may not be able to defend themselves.

“I feel a little less safe than I used to, as I’ve been walking around throughout the day. It’s something I think about all the time and I’m not going to be able to go outside again without thinking about that,” Givens said.

We’ve reached out to the San Francisco police for more information about this attack — They have not yet responded. 

Givens says he and his wife have been shaken up to the point that they are now seriously considering moving out of San Francisco.