Lawsuit: Attorney alleges civil rights violation by Oakland police during traffic stop

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OAKLAND (KRON) — For the last 15 years Oakland attorney Adante Pointer has been working to defend those who’s civil rights have been violated by the police.

Now he says Oakland police have violated his civil rights during a traffic stop in 2017.

He’s now filed this lawsuit against the City of Oakland and the officers involved.  

“The intensity in this officer’s voice who is holding a  gun and is ready and willing to use it at the drip of the dime is something no one should have to feel ever for just driving a car,” Pointer said.

Pointer says it was the day after Christmas 2017 when he was pulled over in San Leandro while on the way to the grocery store. 

He says armed officers approached his car from opposite sides giving conflicting orders, one to get out of the car, the other telling him to put his hands up and not move.

“I realized if I chose any one set of orders over the other, it would have me shot and killed,” he said. “It’s a frightening position to be in. It’s one where your life flashes in front of you.”

Pointer eventually got out of the car, got on his stomach and was told to crawl backwards down International Boulevard before being handcuffed and placed in a police vehicle while his silver mercedes was searched.   

He was initially told he was pulled over because someone in a silver car had brandished an AK-47 and just before he was released was told it was because someone had fired an AK-47.  

Pointer says the stop and search was unconstitutional policing and he wants the officers involved, who have not been identified to be held accountable.

“Were these officers disciplined, were they allowed to go into the community and continue to violate people’s rights without any recourse or retraining or without this being addressed?” Pointer asked.

KRON4 reached out to Oakland police, they referred us to the city attorney’s office.

We have reached out to them and have not responded to our request for comment.

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