SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Video of a Tesla Model 3 slamming into a pickup truck along 880 in Fremont in August of 2019 is being shared by the attorneys representing the family of 15-year-old Jovani Maldonado, who was ejected from the pick-up and died at the scene.

Attorneys for the family have filed a lawsuit against Tesla and the driver of the vehicle claiming Tesla’s autopilot system and the driver failed to react properly to traffic conditions.

“For anybody that drives a Tesla, don’t assume it can drive itself because it cannot. There are not vehicles on the road on the market from any manufacturer that can do self-driving, including Tesla, and there are unlikely to be for quite a few years,” said auto industry analyst Sam Abuelsamid.

Sam Abuelsamid is an auto industry analyst with guidehouse insights. He says Tesla has done very little to correct the false notion that drivers can do other things when behind the wheel of their vehicle.

“If you look at the comments of Elon Musk, he is full speed ahead with the idea they will have full self-driving even though the system does not actually have the capability to do that.”

But oversight is coming. The national highway traffic safety administration is now requiring manufacturers and operators of vehicles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving systems to report crashes. experts say this will make a big difference

“Hopefully what that will do is lead to some common sense rulemaking. One thing they should be dong is mandating driver monitor system which is something Tesla has not really used in their vehicles.”

KRON4 reached out to Tesla for comment on the lawsuit and its autopilot. They have not gotten back to us.