A civil lawsuit has been filed against Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Day School in San Mateo where a former teacher was found guilty of molesting young girls at the school.

South San Francisco resident, 33-year-old Anthony Satriano, taught at the school for three years. 

Satriano was arrested on April 21 2017 by the San Mateo Police Department for molesting young girls on campus after hours, during extended care time. 

Once the school found out about the arrest, they immediately fired Satriano and banned him from the campus. 

In February, he was found guilty and sentenced to six years in prison. Prosecutors said Satriano took sexual pictures and videos of his victims. 

There were five victims names in the case against him but prosecutors say have may have targeted as many as 20 children. 

In the civil lawsuit filed Thursday in San Mateo, the plaintiff is anonymous, named as Jane Doe Number 25, a minor and her mother, Mary Doe. 

The lawsuit seeks damages for past and future medical and psychotherapy expenses. 

The head of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Day School released the following statement: 

We realize this has been a very difficult time for the families affected by Anthony Satriano’s actions, and we are very sorry for the pain his actions caused them.

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Day School remains absolutely committed to providing a safe, caring community in which our students can thrive. When St. Matthew’s received a report concerning Satriano, we quickly notified law enforcement and barred him from our campus. The ensuing police investigation led to his arrest, guilty plea and prison sentence.

While we haven’t yet reviewed the complaint, it’s important to know that we have rigorous policies and procedures in place to protect our students and that our staff did the right thing when they learned of Satriano’s behavior. We will continue to be vigilant because the safety and well-being of our children remains our highest priority.