Liam Husted case: Troublesome last moments of 7-year-old’s life

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Warning: Viewers may find this video disturbing

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Naked with cuts and bruises on his small body. That is how police say a hiker found 7-year-old Liam Husted off this trail in Mountain Springs, Nevada about 30 miles southwest of Las Vegas.

“We were very very fortunate that hiker happened to go behind that bush that morning,” Lt. Ray Spencer with Las Vegas metro police.

Wearing makeup and lipstick is how police say they found Liam’s mother Samantha Moreno Rodriguez at a Colorado restaurant having breakfast with a man she met a few days before tracking her car through California, Nevada, and then Colorado.

“We know by the body, she had a difficult time moving him,” Lt. Ray Spencer said.

While Nevada authorities say they know how Liam died, the official cause of death not released yet. And that, local defense attorney Paula Canny says is troubling.

“Just because police say it is, doesn’t mean that it is true. We know that it is not always the case, and just because the Coroner says something, that isnt always cut and dry.”

Canny adds that if there was clear evidence then why not release it.

“If gunshot wound, then there would be clear evidence, but she didn’t have a gun. If he died of medication, then toxicology, but that was May 28 and it should be back by now. He could have died of a rattlesnake bike.”

Moreno left with Liam back in May, leaving a message to Liam’s dad at their San Jose house, that she was sorry, but planned to get a new home for the two.

“I don’t know, police say she was starting a new life. But she could have left Liam with father, so it may not be totally nefarious.”

While a more detailed picture coming into focus about the days leading up to Liam’s death, Moreno continues to sit in a Denver jail awaiting extradition to Las Vegas with a big question still looming over all of this.

“Only Samantha knows why.”

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