Libby Schaaf slams Trump after he says living in Oakland is ‘like living in hell’

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OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — “I would say Oakland is looking a little bit like heaven today.”

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf compared her city to heaven Friday while announcing  the city has received a $28.2 million grant for several projects in East Oakland. 

The comment was a slam at President Trump who during a Fox News town hall slammed Oakland for its violence.

“Take a look at Detroit, take a look at what’s happening in Oakland, take a look at whats happening in Baltimore,” Trump said. “And everyone gets upset when I say it and and says is that a racist statement, it’s not a racists, frankly Black people come up to me saying thank you thank you sir for saying it, they want help these cities its like living in hell.”

“This president never hesitates to demoralize or demean cities of color as he tries to whip up his base,” Schaaf said.

Mayor Schaaf says in fact violent crime and gun violence are on the decline in Oakland. Yet she fears the president’s attacks will just get worse as the November election approaches.

In fact in a tweet she said: “Hell is another four years of this racist in the White House. #Vote #ElectionsMatter”

“It is time to get out to vote and organize and continue this fight for justice that has been sparked by the tragedies of recent months, weeks and years,” the mayor said. “And it’s time to get some moral leadership in the White House.”

Mayor Schaaf is not one to shy away from a conflict with the president. As you may remember she is the one who warned of pending ICE raids.

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