SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Lightning was caught on camera during KRON4’s noon newscast appearing to strike the Transamerica Pyramid on Tuesday. As hail briefly fell on the city and claps of thunder shook office windows, a bolt of lightning was seen flashing in sky above the iconic pyramid.

On the street, pea-sized hail bounced off the sidewalk and crunched underfoot as heavy rain, lightning, thunder and extreme weather hit the city. The Bay Area is in the midst of a “parade of storms” that in addition to the wild SF weather, have seen widespread flooding, evacuation warnings and damages due to falling trees and other debris.

Lightning strikes Sutro Tower in San Francisco on Jan. 10, 2023. (Photo by Daniel Haire)

Wild weather in SF Tuesday

Lightning over the pyramid wasn’t the only instance of unusual weather on Tuesday. There was also a brief spell of hail in SF on Tuesday around midday.

Meanwhile, heavy rain fell on Front Street near the Embarcadero. Lightning flashes could be seen as people walked down the street with umbrellas and loud claps of thunder could also be heard.

You can follow all the latest developments with the storms with the KRON4 live storm blog, which features updates on traffic, closures, flooding, extreme weather and other storm-related issues.

Another video obtained by KRON4 shows hail falling in the Mission District.

Currently, a flash flood warning is in place for areas near San Francisco County, and San Mateo County.