LIVERMORE, Calif. (BCN) – Chick-fil-A will likely get approval Monday to spread its wings into North Livermore.

The Livermore City Council is set to give final approval for the popular Georgia-based eatery to build on a recently-annexed acre-and-a-half parcel on North Livermore Avenue near Interstate 580.

In exchange for what will certainly be long drive-thru lines, the city will receive the right to absorb the remaining 21.5 acres of the current areas as two parcels of open space. The 4,821-square-foot restaurant, its parking lot and dedicated landscaping will be re-zoned commercial from its current designation as open space.

Chick-fil-A would be responsible for frontage improvements along North Livermore Avenue, nearby stream bank stabilization, construction of a small portion of the Arroyo Las Positas trail along the south side of the project, and northbound left turn lane improvements at the intersection of North Livermore and Arroyo Plaza. They will also contribute $225,000 to future trail construction in the area.

A staff report recommends the city decline to take possessions of the open space until the Zone 7 water agency can accept responsibility for 21.5 acres.

Chick-fil-A has faced criticism for years over company executives and its foundation donating to charities that oppose LGBTQ rights. The company has said it re-directed its charity focus in 2019 to education, homelessness, and hunger.