LIVERMORE, Calif. (KRON) — Nearly two weeks after flood waters damaged her house, a Livermore woman continues her road to recovery after the waters receded.

She is likely months away from moving back in.

“Cause all the water got underneath the cabinets and into the walls behind the cabinets, everything had to come out,” said homeowner Gloria Fulford.

Eighteen inches of drywall from all of the rooms in Fulford’s home in Livermore has been removed — essentially eliminating the concerns that kept her up at night about mold and mildew.

She has laid traps on the floors which used to have carpeting to keep the rodents away. Overall, Fulford says she and her home are in better shape now than this time last week.

“I’m kind of moved past the loss of everything,” Fulford said. All the photos, family photos, heirlooms, things that were all damaged. You gotta move on for that and just one day at a time get through what you can.”

Neighbors and friends are helping her remove her shower, damaged furniture and pretty much anything else that got wet to eventually pave the way for a renovation. One that, at this point, will come out of pocket since she does not live in a flood zone and suffered loss not covered by insurance.

But the city and state did declare emergencies due to the storm damage. Of the at least four homes in the Springtown neighborhood that flooded, Fulford’s may be the worst.

“FEMA walked through the neighborhood a few days ago,” Fulford said. “I’m not sure what’s going to happen because they said a certain percentage had to be affected — not just a home here and a home there.”

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Her home flooded Monday, Jan. 16. At the time, she felt overwhelmed by the prospect of essentially starting over. Nearly two weeks later, she is staying with a friend and says she has the strength to see it through.

“I know I’m gonna get through it. It’s just a stress to get it all done,” Fulford said.