SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KRON) – A loaded handgun was found under a pumpkin at a sideshow in Santa Clara over the weekend, the city announced in a press release Thursday.

Public Safety dispatchers received 911 calls about an illegal sideshow at the intersection of De La Cruz Boulevard and Laurelwood Road, the city stated.

“Patrol officers also received information that gunshots occurred during the illegal sideshow,” the press release stated. “As Santa Clara police officers responded to disperse the crowd, patrol officers in a marked police vehicle witnessed two vehicles fleeing the area at a high rate of speed.  A dark-colored Nissan had severe windshield damage and two flat tires.  Patrol officers attempted to stop the Nissan, but the Nissan increased its speed and fled. Out of an abundance of caution to the public, the officers did not pursue the Nissan.”

Later, officers saw two vehicles with their hazards flashing. The passengers told them that the occupants of a Nissan had shot at their cars. The Nissan was found on the 400 block of Greenwood Drive, where officers contacted and arrested five suspects involved in an illegal sideshow, the city continued.

“During a search of the Nissan, officers located spent bullet shell casings in the vehicle and on one of the suspects. The officers also located bullet holes, which appeared to be shot from inside the Nissan,” the press release continued. “The officers did an exhaustive search of the vehicle and neighborhood for any outstanding firearms. The officers’ hard work paid off when they located a loaded, privately made handgun hidden underneath a pumpkin on a resident’s porch.”

Two adult suspects were taken into custody and taken to the Santa Clara County Main Jail. They are Juan Mendez, 24 of Hayward, and Yahaira Zavala, 21 of San Jose. Three juveniles were served with citations.

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“Thanks to the help of our community, our officers were able to end the illegal sideshow activity and remove a dangerous firearm from the streets,” the press release states. “The Santa Clara Police Department encourages our community to report suspicious activities.”