MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (KRON) — More Bay Area companies are having employees come back to work in person.

Google has announced that starting April 4 it wants employees to return to the office at least 3 days per week.

It won’t all happen at once.

They are allowing employees to stay home a little longer, if need be, but it doesn’t mean that starting next month thousands of people will start returning to work here in Mountain View.

If you own a small business nearby, that is good news.

Just off the Google campus in Mountain View sits Cocina Vente.

General manager, Chris Schoonover, says they are thrilled that Google employees are coming back to the office in April.

“Great news,” Schoonover said. “We are welcoming them back with open arms.”

Before the pandemic, Google workers accounted for about 80 percent of Cocina Vente’s business.

When the tech giant sent employees home two years ago, the restaurant was forced to shut down.

“When they went, so did we essentially,” Schoonover said. “We stayed closed for a great deal of time until we built that revenue back up.

When it reopened, the restaurant added outdoor seating to attract customers.

“That’s our number one booked area every night,” Schoonover said of the outdoor patio seating.

That helped but having a daily, reliable stream of guests is what they really need.

Over the next month, Schoonover says they plan to prepare for what they hope will be a big step toward getting back to normal.

“Trying to get staff. More staff. Get trained and get ready,” Schoonover said.

Chris does have a couple of concerns.

First, she is worried that as people return to the office traffic and congestion in the area could become a problem.

Also, she has struggled to hire new staff as many of her workers left the area or got new jobs when the restaurant closed, and she has had trouble replacing them.