OAKLEY, Calif. (KRON) — Two Oakley schools were placed in lockdown Thursday afternoon after a report of two gunshots nearby, city officials announced in a Facebook post. The shots were fired around 1:09 p.m. in the area of Brown Road and Neroly Avenue, which is near Freedom High School and Almond Grove Elementary School.

Police had those two schools go into lockdown until they said “it was safe.” The lockdown was eventually lifted.

Within a few minutes after responding to the scene, officers and detectives determined the shots were not coming from a school campus, according to police. The schools “did not seem to be a target” of the gunfire.

Oakley police are also investigating an altercation that happened at Freedom High School just prior to the shots being fired. As of Thursday night, police say there is no direct connection between the altercation and the shots fired.

Several Fights Reported at Freedom HS

Officials did not give a specific number, but there were “several physical fights” at Freedom High School around the time of the gunshots. Most of the fights involved minor female students.

Freedom High School has a “School Resource Officer” (SRO) who provides security and law enforcement services on campus. The campus SRO dealt responded to an incident in which one female student challenged another to a fight.

Officials said the SRO stepped in to de-escalate the situation, but the aggressor female student took her aggression onto the SRO — trying to get past the SRO to go after the targeted student. The SRO stopped the aggressor by grabbing her backpack. Ultimately, the targeted student was guided away from the scene and later taken to the care of school staff.

The high school’s SRO also responded to a large group of students fighting in the quad and a large crowd watching. It was determined that the girl involved in that fight was the same one the SRO tried to stop earlier.

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Neroly Road and Brown Road is located right outside Freedom High School and approximately half a mile south of Almond Grove Elementary School (map above).

At this time, police are unaware of any victims of the gunfire. If anybody has any information related to this incident, Oakley police say to call 925-625-8060.