MILPITAS (KRON) — Here’s a look inside the shiny new BART station at the Great Mall in Milpitas.  

Another just like it is all but finished in the Berryessa District in North San Jose, but before the new trains can carry passengers to and from San Jose to Fremont and Points North, they must first complete what’s known as “pre revenue testing” says the VTA’s Bernice Alaniz.

“They are familiarizing all the personnel involved with the delivery service,” Alanize said. “They’re training the operators and support personnel and then they begin ramping up what is called simulated service and simulated service replicates the future service that will serve the Milpitas and Berryessa stations but without the passengers.”

Originally projected to open in 2016, the project was delayed in connection with equipment and construction issues.  

Now, it’s just a matter of testing that equipment and the people who make it work.

“So it is everything from ticket takers. It’s getting all the information ready for the passengers. It’s the engineers, it’s the operation control center staff. It’s the train operators — everybody involved in delivering this safe service,” Alanize said. 

Riderships is projected to be somewhere around 23,000 trips per day on the new


There will be a train every 7-and-a-half minutes.  

A one way ticket will cost $7.75, $15.50 for a round trip.  

Phase one of the extension that will one day push into Downtown San Jose cost taxpayers $2.3 billion. 

As for exactly when service will begin?

“The goal is to begin passenger service prior to the end of the year,” Alanize said.