Long-time Bay Area journalist and radio host, Ray Taliaferro, is still missing. 

The 79-year-old was reported missing in Paducah, Kentucky where he was last seen on Nov. 10. 

Taliaferro is said to have met with his manager at a pizza restaurant in Paducah earlier that day. 

He’s a man many people listened to on KGO Radio in the Bay Area for many years.

Friends said Taliaferro was also the president of the Arts Commission, Leukemia Society, and the San Francisco NAACP chapter.

“Millions of people spent the night with Ray Taliaferro Monday through Friday 1 a.m. to 5 a.m.,” said KGO Radio talk show host, John Rothmann said. “You couldn’t miss Ray Taliaferro. His wonderful commitment to human rights, his wonderful commitment to San Francisco and his wonderful commitment to people.”

He’s considered a San Francisco legend. 

“He’s one of those talents that is bigger than life. He’s one of the people that you just dream of being somebody like Ray,” KGO Radio host Pat Thurston said. “Always true to himself. A heart of gold.”

A missing persons flyer for Taliaferro warns he ‘may be experiencing disorientation and signs of dementia.’

KRON4’s Michelle Kingston spoke to authorities who say, Taliaferro and his new wife of six months were in Kentucky looking at property she inherited. 

She told law enforcement that she was walking the property when she turned around and noticed Taliaferro had left in their rental car.