SANTA ROSA (KRON) — The peaceful West County regional trail in Graton was the scene of a vicious attack.

It was there Jordan Simmons says she lost her best friend.

“She was the sweetest dog,” Simmons said, fighting back tears. “She loved everyone she met, every dog every person, she didn’t have an aggressive bone in her body.”

Simmons said two loose pit bulls approached them on the trail last Sunday. 

They appeared to be friendly at first but then their behavior quickly changed.

“It was honestly the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced,” she said. “I’ve never been put in a situation where I’ve been so scared.”

Simmons scooped up her jack russell terrier pug mix Lucy as the dog’s circled and began nipping and barking.

“They started biting her while I was carrying her,” she said. “Lightly, nipping me at first and then started biting her harder and harder.”

The pit bulls leaving scratches and bruises on Simmons as they tried to to get to Lucy.

They eventually grabbed her and mauled the 12 pound pup to death.

“I started screaming and screaming,” she said. “Screaming for help anything even though I knew that there was nothing that anyone could really do.” 

Her dog and companion for comfort for more than seven years was now gone.

“She was always just a big support for me,” she said. “She loved to nap and she just had the funniest little personality. She would get these bursts of energy and just run in circles she was the sweetest dog I ever encountered.” 

Simmons said the pit bulls ran off and were later grabbed by animal control. 

They’re currently in quarantine. 

Simmons said it’s still unclear what will happen to the dog’s or the owners, but she’s never going to look at the west county regional trail the same way again.

“It’s a place where people should feel safe,” she said. “And I know that a lot of people don’t right now and won’t if those dogs are released back.”