LOS GATOS, Calif. (KRON) — The Los Gatos “Party Mom” appeared in a Santa Clara County courtroom Monday as prosecutors continue to dig through evidence in the disturbing case.

Shannon O’Connor is charged with 39 criminal counts, including felony child endangerment and sexual battery. She will likely face additional charges because of crimes she allegedly committed while behind bars.

Prosecutors told Judge Johnny Gogo Monday that they need more time to examine new evidence. O’Connor did not enter a plea.

The mother of two is accused of throwing alcohol-fueled sex parties for underage Los Gatos High School students.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, O’Connor organized “disturbing” parties between 2020-2021, encouraged teenagers to binge drink, and pressured intoxicated girls into having sex with boys.

Prosecutors said the victims were Los Gatos High School students. (KRON4 photo)

Prosecutors said O’Connor was the only adult present at parties thrown in her Los Gatos mansion, a vacation rental in Santa Cruz, and a vacation house in Lake Tahoe. Teens who attended the parties were sworn to secrecy, investigators said.

The 47-year-old mom met victims through her teenaged sons, according to prosecutors.

After she was arrested last year, O’Connor called her 15-year-old son from jail and instructed him to not cooperate with investigators, newly-obtained court documents reveled.

During a Oct. 9, 2021 phone call, the mother “repeatedly encouraged him not to cooperate with the ongoing investigation,” District Attorney Jeffrey Rosen wrote in court documents.

“She ordered him to ‘not give anyone passwords to anything,'” Rosen wrote.

Her son, identified as a victim in the case as John Doe 3, promised his mother that he would not help investigators, Rosen wrote.

Shannon O’Connor’s mug shot (ACSO)

On Oct. 19, 2021, O’Connor made another jail phone call to her husband, Robert Amaral, “to come up with a plan to hide her finances,” according to court documents.

O’Connor “instructed him to recover her bank card … and withdraw money from the account in cash. (O’Connor’s) attempts to conceal her assets also extended to her real property,” according to court documents.

Amaral followed his wife’s instructions and attempted to transfer ownership of her $4-million Los Gatos house into his name as the sole owner, prosecutors said.

During the Oct. 19 jail call, O’Connor “became upset with Amaral. She told him, ‘You better not f**k me, Robert. I signed everything over to you,'” Rosen wrote.

Amaral replied that “he was going to try to help her any way he could,” Rosen wrote.

O’Connor’s jail calls were recorded by corrections officers.

Shannon O’Connor attempted to transfer ownership of her Los Gatos mansion to her husband, prosecutors said.

Judge Johnny Gogo has denied all of O’Connor’s requests for bail. At her last court appearance, judge Gogo told O’Connor that she is a manipulative liar, a flight risk, and a threat to public safety.

Judge Gogo issued protective orders for 15 minors who were allegedly victims.

Jane Doe 6’s mother said O’Connor wanted teens to think of her as “the fun mom.”

“Shannon has no idea who I am. But she certainly knows who my daughter is. My daughter went to her house two dozen times. (O’Connor) is a child predator and a master manipulator. She has a type: Athletic and attractive,” Jane Doe 6’s mother said.

Rosen wrote in court documents, “For months, defendant isolated children in a space she controlled. She got them drunk and encouraged them to sexually assault one another. Even when she was taken into custody, defendant kept taking steps to avoid accountability for her actions, dissuading one of her victims from cooperation with the investigation and attempting to hide cash and property from detection.”

O’Connor’s next court date is set for June 24 at 10:30 a.m. in the Santa Clara County Hall of Justice.