SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Students at Lowell High School staged a walk-out on Wednesday to protest sexual harassment and assault.

“Silence is violence!”

District officials say in addition to investigating current cases, students called on school administrators to revisit cases reported over the summer and last school year.

San Francisco Unified School District has released a statement in response to the walk out:

“SFUSD wants all students to know their concerns are taken seriously. The district encourages all students to report issues of sexual harassment to a trusted adult at school. SFUSD is required to respond to incidents of reported harassment. The District’s Board Policy requires that for any allegation of sexual harassment, designated District staff will review the allegations and determine whether there is reliable information to pursue an investigation.”

To ensure compliance, the Department of Education updated regulations for Title IX and SFUSD policies.

For information on the Title IX investigation, visit the websites below: