SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — It’s been over 300 days’ worth of inaccurate pay for teachers in the San Francisco Unified School District and Wednesday, educators at Lowell High School protested by staging a massive sick-out.

“When we did a poll, like who is willing? Who is interested? Do we want to do this? That was after the paychecks came out. Ninety percent of the staff said they were absolutely willing to do that,” said Lowell AP economics teacher Rebecca Johnson.

Johnson says at this point, the problem with the new payroll system is beyond teachers receiving their accurate pay.

“Everything from people being charged $10,000, to people’s insurances being dropped while they are out on maternity leave, to people’s 403bs not being paid into. People being paid incorrectly, people being paid incorrect classification, you name it, there has been a problem,” said Johnson.

Last month, SFUSD Superintendent Matt Wayne declared a payroll state of emergency. The school district spokesperson sent KRON4 an update that read in part:

“We have since launched our command center, an in-person operation consisting of reassigned SFUSD staff, A&M and Infosys staff, and payroll specialists, who have been actively resolving tickets, identifying system issues, and prioritizing fixes that can mitigate future issues and for many employees. We are continuing to take new steps to more efficiently resolve existing tickets while implementing system fixes to prevent new issues.”

“There were no measures basically. You sign in, you fill in a QR code, then you leave,” said Lowell High sophomore, Ayden Dijkgraaf.

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The Lowell High School sophomore says it is not fair for SFUSD’s payroll problem to impact students, especially when testing should be taking place this time of the year.

“Yeah! I actually had two exams for today that were canceled. Now they’re rescheduled for next week. On top of the final exams for each of those classes, which is really stressful,” said Ayden.

“The teachers deserve better pay, so, I think it was worth it,” he added.

Teachers at Lowell say this is only a one-day sick-out. On Thursday, educators plan to return to their classrooms.