SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — The USPS Office of Inspector General is investigating mail thefts in and around San Francisco.

One act was caught on camera.

“They jimmied open the mailboxes with some sort of screwdriver,” one victim told KRON4.

Colleen, who does not want to share her last name, says the mailboxes at her Russian Hill home in San Francisco were burglarized sometime in the overnight hours last week.

“Our neighbor had gone to go walk their dog around 11 at night and the mailboxes were closed and in the morning they were opened,” Colleen said.

Home surveillance video captured it all the person rummaging through one mailbox to the other.

Colleen posted a video on the Nextdoor app to alert neighbors and says this is not the first time this type of activity has happened.

“We had packages stolen out of our porch. It was just an Amazon box that was left out there and they stole camping gear that we bought and then we had our garage broken into late last year and nothing was stolen because he was caught in the act by my husband and two dogs,” she said.

In this case, Colleen says her neighbor’s mail was stolen, with no word on what mail they got away with. Colleen reported the theft to the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General and San Francisco police.

Colleen says, “it feels like San Francisco has gotten a little bit out of control lately and I just want to see it get better for my kids who live here and for my neighbors.”

USPS Postal Inspector Matthew Norfleet says people should report mail thefts to postal inspectors as soon as possible.

He says investigators are assigned to mail thefts in and around the city.

“Mail thefts move around we believe mail thefts follow routes kind of like mail carriers so we definitely want that information so that we can investigate and respond and hopefully bring those mail thieves to justice,” Norfleet told KRON4.

In the meantime, Norfleet gives the following advice to avoid mail thefts:

  • Don’t leave your mail in the mailbox for longer than needed.
  • Have your mail held if you’re traveling.
  • Have packages delivered to another address.