(KRON) — The Main Street Alameda Ferry Terminal will be closed for refurbishment, starting on Oct. 23, 2023, according to a post on the San Francisco Bay Ferry website. The closure is planned to continue through Jan. 1, 2024. During that time period, ferries will not be stopping at the terminal.

The closure is planned as part of a major refurbishment project for the terminal that, according to SF Bay Ferry, includes repair and replacement of existing terminal infrastructure. These upgrades are intended to bring the site into compliance with seismic safety requirements as well as replacement of the current bridge, foundation and gangway.

Float demolition and replacement is also part of the update, along with improvements to electrical and water utilities. Additional upgrades will include design elements to prepare the terminal for future fleet electrification.

The following service changes will be in effect during the duration of the closure:

  • Downtown San Francisco from Alameda: Use the Alameda Seaplane Lagoon Ferry Terminal for weekday and limited weekend service during the closure.
  • South San Francisco from Alameda: Ferries to South San Francisco will only be available out of the Oakland Ferry Terminal during the closure.
  • Oakland from Alameda: The Alameda Short Hop will be suspended during the closure. AC Transit Line 96 is recommended as an alternative.
  • Chase Center from Alameda: Ferry service to Chase Center will only be available from the Oakland Ferry Terminal during the closure.

The Alameda Seaplane route will be providing temporary weekend service for the duration of the closure. The weekend Oakland route will be reduced temporarily to support limited Alameda Seaplane ferry services.

Direct benefits that passengers will see upon completion of the project include more efficient ferry operations and modernized terminal lighting, according to SF Bay Ferry.