(KRON) — Lufthansa Airlines says that it is banning activated Apple AirTags from luggage because they are “dangerous.” In a tweeted response to a question about the practice, the German airline said it “is banning activated AirTags from luggage as they are classified as dangerous and need to be turned off.”

Apple AirTags are devices that can be placed in luggage or attached to items like keyrings, enabling users to track them using the Find My app.

In a subsequent tweet, Lufthansa clarified its position, saying “According to ICAO guidelines, baggage trackers are subject to dangerous goods regulations. Furthermore, due to their transmission function, the trackers must be deactivated during the flight if they are in checked baggage and cannot be used as a result.”

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The IACO refers to the International Civil Aviation Organization.

In a confusing twist, a Lufthansa spokesperson told Airways Magazine that the airline had “not banned airtags and there is no guideline or regulation by Lufthansa to ban airtags.” The spokesperson again cited the ICAO guidelines, saying “There is a standing ICAO regulation on such devices, but this has nothing to do with Lufthansa or any other carrier.”