An all-out bloody brawl broke out at the San Francisco 49ers-Oakland Raiders game on Thursday night.

People took out their phones and captured it all on-camera.

The Battle of the Bay football game between the 49ers and the Raiders lived up to its name in more ways than one.

A number of videos are being shared around social media of fan fights from the big game–one of those videos led to an arrest for felony battery. 

KRON4 met with Santa Clara police who said despite the high arrest numbers, they believe their beefed=up security was sufficient.

Several fan fight videos were passed around on social media from Thursday night’s football game between the 49ers and Raiders that took place at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.

At this point, it’s not known what started this altercation but you can see one man repeatedly punching another and then the man doing the punching leaves the area.

Santa Clara police say that video was posted right after the fight and it helped them track down the suspect and make an arrest.

“We got him within minutes,” Santa Clara police Capt. Wahid Kazem said. 

Capt. Kazem said it is 31-year-old Steve Gonzalez Guardado seen in this video punching another man. They arrested him and charged him with felony battery. 

That was just one of the three arrests for assault they made on game night. 

There were 32 arrests made in all. 

“The majority of (arrests) were public intoxication,” Capt. Kazem said.

A video showing a bigger brawl between a sea of rival fans led to no arrests. Capt. Kazem said his officers were on scene and quickly broke it up.

There were no major injuries and none of the fans involved pursued charges. 

“The number of arrests did exceed records of any event in (the) last year-and-a-half,” Capt. Kazem said. 

Even though there were high arrest numbers, Santa Clara police say they were prepared for the Battle of the Bay, and considering there were 60,000 fans and a lot of drinking, it could have been worse. 

“It could have been worse,” Capt. Kazem said.