SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — A man was arrested Wednesday after installing a hidden camera to spy on his female roommates at a Sebastopol home, according to a Facebook post by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO). On Nov. 23, a woman called authorities saying she found a hidden camera in her bathroom across the shower.

The device looked identical to a USB charger but had a small camera and a memory card, authorities said. The woman no longer felt comfortable living in her home with her roommates: one man (the suspect) and several other women. As of Thursday, all of the women have moved out of that house.

Once the SCSO obtained a search warrant, detectives investigated the contents of the memory card and found multiple images and videos of the female roommates — all taken by the hidden camera. Some images and videos captured the women “in various stages of undress,” according to the Facebook post.

The suspect was identified as 49-year-old Sebastopol resident Ian Corbett. He was booked into jail for two misdemeanors: invasion of privacy and invasion of privacy using a hidden recording device.

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Corbett was released later that day on $10,000 bail.