(KRON) — A man was arrested on Thursday after he was accused of starting a fire in an Emeryville Target, the Emeryville Police Department said.

EPD responded to the store, located at 1555 40th Street, at about 3:30 p.m. on Sunday for the report of a “suspicious fire” in the store, police said.

Target staffers extinguished the fire before police arrived. Some merchandise was damaged, but nobody was injured.

EPD was able to identify a suspect and obtain an arrest warrant. Reuben Ramirez-Berg, 26, of Alameda, was arrested on Thursday with the help of Alameda Police Department officers.

On June 1, the North County Fire Department responded to the report of smoke at the Target located at the Serramonte Center. Authorities have not specified whether these incidents are related.

Anyone with information about the Emeryville crime is asked to call (510) 596-3700.