SAN FRANCISCO, (KRON) – Another San Francisco high rise building flooded out tenants. 

It happened early Tuesday morning at 100 Van Ness Avenue, however, the cause of the flooding might not be what you’d expect. San Francisco police say they found a naked man standing next to a broken pipe.

A restoration company and multiple clean-up crews are on site at this building, 100 Van Ness, on Tuesday. Multiple residents say someone had some sort of episode and caused damage to the walls and pipes on the 11th floor. They say that caused major flooding throughout the building.

Dozens of air movers and dehumidifiers laid out inside San Francisco’s luxury apartment building, 100 Van Ness, on Tuesday. Residents say they woke up to heavy flooding and a loud alarm around 5:30 Tuesday morning.

Savan Doshi is a resident and he tells KRON4, “it’s just completely wet and I start going into panic mode. We start running to the stairwell. We look at the left stairwell, completely flooded so we check the right stairwell. That one is a little bit dry but still really bad.”

Doshi and other people living here say the flooding began on the 11th floor but caused water damage to the floors below and the elevator forcing everyone living on all 28 floors to use the stairs. Doshi tells KRON4, “as of right now there is a crew in there working. The elevators are completely shut down and also it’s pretty flooded where everything is drained out to the parking garages and even on the level, the 1st floor so a lot of caution signs.”

San Francisco police say they arrested 46-year-old Michael Nien on suspicion of vandalism to the building that caused the flooding. When officers responded, they say he was naked drenched in water, standing next to a broken pipe. Photos from residents show what that damage looks like.

Doshi says he immediately thought about the high-rise apartments at 33 Tehama, which experienced a water main failure in June, sending 20,000 gallons of water cascading down all 35 floors. Residents there aren’t expected to return home until next year. 

Meanwhile, people living at 100 Van Ness are anxious for any sort of update or information from building management. Several other residents say they feared this may be another 33 Tehama situation. They say they haven’t heard updates from building management. 

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KRON4 reached out to the management at 100 Van Ness for comment but have not heard back at the time of publication.