(KRON) — A Benicia man was arrested Tuesday after a series of stalking incidents, the San Rafael Police Department announced in a press release. After serving a search warrant, police arrested Jason Colby Carpenter, 46, when he was seen leaving his Benicia home.

Detectives also found firearms and ammunition that were believed to be tied to one of Carpenter’s threats toward his victim. Carpenter had been stalking a female victim, who he dated briefly, in San Rafael since early February, the release said.

Police said threatening stalking behavior escalated with each incident. Carpenter would go to the unidentified victim’s home and leave unwanted letters and items at her front door.

In another stalking incident, Carpenter glued the lock to the front door and made it unusable, according to the press release.

He is also accused of breaking into the victim’s car and taking personal documents. Police said Carpenter would then tell the victim she had left her documents at his place, which she had never been to.

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Carpenter was also accused of threatening the victim, saying he had a gun. In another incident, Carpenter posed as an anonymous caller to report drug activity at the victim’s residence. Police said it appeared to be a fake call as Carpenter was only doing it to further harass the victim.

Carpenter was arrested on one felony count of stalking. He was booked into Marin County Jail where he is being held on $300,000 bail.