(KRON) — A man was recently arrested for possessing multiple weapons after fleeing from a police officer, according to the Hayward Police Department.

A Hayward police officer attempted a traffic stop on a car with an equipment violation.

The driver fled from the officer, driving through a red light before turning onto the next street. The officer did not attempt to pursue the car once he saw where the driver was headed. Instead, the officer waited until the car parked a short distance away, police said.

The driver, a man, was detained once other officers joined in on the second traffic stop. A records check on the driver found him to be on probation and therefore able to be searched by police.

Officers located machetes, a club with metal spikes, large fix blade knives, a CO2 arrow gun, a lock picking set, ammunition and nearly two pounds of unsealed marijuana. Among the burglary and robbery tools, a mask depicting Chucky the doll was also found, police said.

The man was arrested for various charges including possession of dangerous weapons against the terms of his probation.