(KRON) — It has happened again, another victim was assaulted in the East Bay near a popular grocery store chain. The victim in this case was beaten up and required emergency care. 

The crime happened in the parking lot in front of a Trader Joe’s in San Ramon. KRON4 spoke with a co-worker of the victim who says he is still not back at work after this violent crime.  

“Real bad face swelling, jaw still hurts,” Aaron said. He is a co-worker of the 32-year-old male who is the latest victim of a robbery outside a Trader Joe’s. Aaron said, “he is doing better, he is still at home recovering.”

It was just last week when we told you about a similar crime in front of a Trader Joe’s in Danville. Three teenagers were arrested in connection with that robbery. San Ramon police say the crime happened around 8:30 Monday night last week in the parking lot.

Officers say three people speaking in Spanish asked the victim for jumper cables, then attacked him, grabbing his wallet and cell phone. The wallet had 500 dollars in cash.

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 The bleeding victim was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Aaron told KRON4 News, “we are being more careful, not (walking) with earphones, not looking at our phones, especially when we leave late on Fridays and Saturdays.”

In Danville, at the beginning of the month a man was held up at gunpoint with suspects demanding he hand over his 40 thousand dollar rolex. The suspects in the Danville case have been caught and are facing charges. The suspects in this case here in San Ramon are still out there.