SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The city of San Francisco is taking action to clean up the streets but what about the grocery stores?

Shoppers at a Safeway in the Marina District got a disturbing surprise over the weekend.

Mike, a San Francisco resident, was at the Safeway when he spotted a man pooping in one of the aisles.

An opened package of toilet paper is seen in the photos sitting near the man.

Mike told KRON4 he saw the man go into a nearby Starbucks when he was finished.

KRON4 has reached out to Safeway for a statement, but have not yet heard back.

This story comes as San Francisco deals with a growing amount of human waste complains.

San Francisco even has a poop patrol, staff members who clean up human waste around the city.

Throughout the city, 311 has received more than 25,000 poop complaints this year alone, with the Tenderloin getting the highest number of calls.

Last month, San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney called the city’s poop problem a national embarrassment.

“This is a national embarrassment, it is also many communities a disgusting, public health crisis, no one should be able to walk about and see poop smeared all over the place, no one should live in these conditions. It is not funny,” Haney said.  

Since then, the city has increased frequency of power washing in trouble areas and has opened more public toilets.

But many believe more needs to be done.

Photos provided to KRON4 from San Francisco resident Mike