SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – The district attorney’s office has now filed homicide charges against a man accused of killing two women in a San Francisco hit-and-run. 

The driver, 45-year-old Troy McAllister was on parole at the time of the New Year’s Eve crash. 

San Francisco’s District Attorney Chesa Boudin is under fire for the role his office reportedly played in the tragedy. 

Some are accusing Boudin of not doing enough to keep people like McAllister off the streets. 

The families of the two victims are devastated over what happened.

However, the DA’s decision Monday to charge McAllister with homicide along with a number of other crimes is getting positive feedback but the possible missteps leading up to this deadly crash are still being questioned.

A curbside memorial continues to grow at the site of a deadly New Year’s Eve crash. 

The two victims were 60-year-old Elizabeth Platt and 27-year-old Hanako Abe.

They were both killed when a man driving a car stolen from Daly City slammed into them on 2nd and Mission Streets in San Francisco. 

SFPD say McAllister was under the influence at the time and tried running away from the scene before being arrested.

Officers also found this handgun with an extended magazine and drugs inside the car.

“This was not Mr. McAllister’s first time to the rodeo. He’s a prolific, lifetime violent criminal offender,” Tony Montoya said.

San Francisco Police Officer’s Association president Tony Montoya says the DA has been trying to place the blame on what happened elsewhere. 

McAllister was on parole after being released from state prison in April and has since then been arrested for several crimes and was able to get back out.

In a release announcing the homicide charges against McAllister, District Attorney Chesa Boudin said the tragedy might have been prevented if Daly City and San Francisco police, along with his office, intervened effectively.

Montoya says the buck does not stop with the police.

“None of that precludes the district attorney from holding a person accountable. That’s what the DA does. If there’s evidence there, they charge people with crimes and not simply say, ‘well, we’re just going to kick it over to this other agency to deal with it,’” Montoya said.

Montoya was encouraged by the DA’s homicide charge but would like to see an independent oversight panel review the district attorney’s past criminal charging decisions.

“It’s been brought to my attention that Mr. Boudin has filled many vacancies in the district attorney’s office with either former public defender’s like himself or criminal defense attorney’s so the likelihood of a conflict of interest is going to be more current than other places,” Montoya said.

Victim Hanako Abe’s friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for her family to come to the United States and return her body to Japan. 

So far, more than $80,000 have been raised.

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