VALLEJO, Calif. (KRON) — 19-year-old Tyler Ingersoll is fighting for his life a week after he was hit by a car participating in an illegal sideshow in Vallejo. The young father of an 8-month-old suffered traumatic brain injuries and remains unconscious.

KRON4 spoke with his mother and fiancé on Sunday.

“Hard. It’s been hard,” members of Ingersoll’s family said. “It’s been a rough road because I was there when it happened and to see him lifeless laying on the ground like that is a really scary thing.”

For Alyssa Gastelum and Desarae Reiswiggreer, life dramatically changed a week ago when their loved one, 19-year-old Tyler Ingersoll was hit by a car during a sideshow in Vallejo last Sunday. Gastelum, Ingersoll’s fiancé, says chaos broke out moments before Tyler was hit.

Ingersoll suffered traumatic brain injuries and remains unconscious. He’s a father of an 8-month-old and is now expecting a child with Gastelum.

Reiswiggreer, Ingersoll’s mother, says they’re still unsure if he’ll recover from his injuries.

“Tyler is a wonderful guy and he was just starting out in life,” Reiswiggreer said. “You know he was going to be 20 in August. He was just starting out, and he deserves to have a better life. Hopefully, he doesn’t have to be stuck in a way that he isn’t going to be happy. I hope and pray, if he pulls through this, he’ll be able to be normal and have a normal life.”

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Vallejo police say one person was also shot during the sideshow but is expected to survive. Ingersoll’s family wants to see a crackdown on sideshows, and they hope no other family has to go through this heartbreak.

The family launched a GoFundMe page to help pay for Ingersoll’s medical expenses.