(KRON) — How many times have you walked by a pile of trash and thought, “hey… someone should really do something about that?” Well, UC Berkeley alum Andy Wang is a “someone” – who committed to do “something” years ago.

Every week, Wang says he spends five or six hours picking up trash around the Bay Area, usually by himself. He started doing it back in October of 2021. The Livermore resident was tired of seeing trash on his daily commute to Tracy. Before long, he moved on from cleaning up around his city, and started using satellite images to find pockets of trash all over the Bay Area.

He catalogs his cleanup efforts on his Instagram page and occasionally invites his followers to join in.  But Wang doesn’t mind doing the work himself.  He likes being outside, and he likes the feeling of making a difference. He hopes to inspire others to do the same, which would amplify his efforts to leave the Bay better than he found it.