NAPA, Calif. (KRON) – 58-year-old Robert Abreu is recovering in the hospital after being shot in the head on Highway 29 in Napa on Friday, according to family members.

They say he has a long road of challenges ahead of him but is doing well.

Abreu’s daughter says that her dad is uninsured and that Friday’s shooting didn’t just nearly take his life, but has also left him with a financial burden.

Driving down Highway 29 in Napa, Abreu was on his way to work when he was shot in the face.

His daughter Brittney Graeber was less than two miles from the scene of the shooting in traffic when she got the phone call.

“There’s no way in the world that dad has been shot and she’s like yeah it happened it’s a freak accident. Wrong place, wrong time,” Graeber said.

She says that her dad has been recovering in the hospital, improving each day and even talking with his visitors.

His last surgery was on Saturday to repair a detached retina in his right eye near the bullet wound.

“He has to be faced to the side at like a 90-degree angle for about two weeks or so is what they said initially,” Graeber said.

The family set up a GoFundMe page to help Abreu with the expensive medical bills and give some added support when he is able to finally leave the hospital.

“To be able to know that things are going to be taken care of as best as we could in this time frame is just really important to give him that peace of mind,” Graeber said.

The Napa County Sheriff’s arrested Tuong Nguyen, within half an hour of the shooting. The 42-year-old has been charged with attempted murder.

The victim’s three kids and six grandkids are putting all their focus on his recovery.

“I love you, papa, get well,” Braxton, Robert’s grandson, said.

Optimistic, but also overwhelmed by the amount of support shown on the GoFundMe that has raised nearly half of its $100,000 goal.

“The look on his face as we keep telling him is so great to see that this many people love him and have pulled together to get this for him and he’s really grateful and so are we,” Graeber said.