SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — What started as a petty theft in Sonoma County Tuesday turned into a positive experience for all involved. It began when a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office deputy saw a man steal a flower arrangement from a florist shop.

After seeing the deputy, the man, later identified as Daniel Grose, put the arrangement down and sat on the curb, SCSO said. After talking to Grose, police learned he stole the flowers to give to his mother for Mother’s Day. Police said Groce did not have any money and was unable to spend the holiday with his mother.

“Grose also expressed his genuine shame for what he did and asked to apologize no matter what the outcome,” SCSO said.

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The owner of the flower shop asked to talk to Grose and he apologized for his actions in what police called a ‘productive conversation.’ Police released Grose and gave him information on how to find drug rehab and housing.