(KRON) – Driving around with a dirty car is considered a badge of honor during the drought. Now, there is a way to have a clean, shiny car and save water.

A car wash with no water seems too good to be true. But that is what “no H20” claims to do – for $50. 

The mobile car wash detailing company just started this summer. It gets cars clean by using two-step technology.

The first step is a spray that creates an emulsion with the dirt – creating a positive charge. That then gets wiped off with a special microfiber cloth – creating a negative charge.

“Together the two kind of pull off the dirt like a magnet,” said owner Brian Stranko. 

A normal car wash uses about 35 gallons of water, but “no H20” doesn’t even need a hose. It uses environmentally friendly products and promises zero clean-up right in your driveway. 

“As long as we have two parking spaces, one for our van and the other for the car, we are washing. We are in business,” Stranko said. 

This is a family business, with Stranko’s daughters wiping alongside him. Brian has a background in working for water conservation nonprofits. His passion — besides a spotless vehicle – is to make waterless washes a movement and save the little water California has left.

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“You get a number that is big enough to provide water to the nearly million people who go without safe drinking water each year in California,” he said.

For now, “no H20” is Just in the East Bay, but growing the business is the plan.